Have you got…

I’m always looking for missing information to improve my archives and my historical knowledge. Below is a list of a few things I would like to find. I’m happy with scans, photocopies etc so if anyone can help please get in touch:

Stoke Mandeville Games (1948 – late 1960s)

Partipicipation Lists/ Full results/ Programmes

Paralympic Games

A complete set of results (not just first 5 competitors) for Tokyo 1964

Poster images for Rome 1960 and Madrid 1992 summer Games

Programmes from winter Games from 1976 – 1994

The name of the athlete who took the athletes oath at the innsbruck 1984 winter Games

Medal Images for all summer and winter Olympic demonstration events

Full Results from Calgary winter Olympic demonstration events

Commonwealth Paraplegic Games

A full set of results from the Kingston 1966 Commonwealth Paraplegic Games

Photographs from any of the four Commonwealth Paraplegic Games (1962 – 1974)

Obviously, if I use any material provided by someone else in one of my publications they will be cited as the source!




5 responses to “Have you got…

  1. I am writing a dissertation on the impact of the 2012 Paralympics on swimming for children with a disability. Your site has provided a valuable source of research and I would like to use some of the quotes within my literature review. I have looked for The Cord 1949 but can find nothing about it(other than on your site). I was wondering if you can tell me what it is, and, for adding to a bibliography within my research, the original source?
    Many thanks for your help.

    • Hi Julie,

      The Cord was the newsletter produced at Stoke Mandeville from around 1945 – 1983 and was designed to provide useful information for people with spinal cord injuries as this was in very short supply at the time. It often carried reports on the Stoke Mandeville Games. If you can tell me which post you are wanting to quote from I can tell you how to reference it. Ian

  2. Gillian Mills

    I have my father’s bronze medal from 1974 Commonwealth Paraplegic Games. I also have his competitor number badge from the same games. I have his competitor ID badge from Arnhem 1980. If you would be interested in pictures of these, or any information relating to his participation in paraplegic Olympics (1976, 1980, possibly also 1984), or the 1974 Commonwealth Paraplegic Games, please leave me a reply.

    • Hi Gillian, thank you for the message. Yes I’d be delighted to get digital images and any other information you have. What was your fathers name? I may even be able to provide you with some information about his participation that maybe you are unaware of, best wishes, Ian ps. I will email you with details of where to send images.

  3. I have my father’s medal from the Commonwealth Paraplegic Games, 1974, as well as his competitor’s badge. I also have his ID badge from Arnhem 1980. If you would be interested in pictures of these, or wish to discuss any detail relating to his competitions, please contact me.

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