I’m a researcher and author in sociological, historical and sports management aspects of Paralympic and disability sport. I’m also interested in the use of sport as a tool in the rehabilitation of victims of violent conflict. I currently work as a Research Fellow in the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University. I currently supervise three PhD students, two of which are looking at UK Paralympic sports policy and the other at the participation legacy of London 2012. I have one completed PhD student who looked at the impact of sport on identity reconstruction for British military personnel who have suffered traumatic injuries in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I have published four books. These include The Palaympic Games Explained which is an introductory text for students and anyone else interested in learning more about the Games from their history, to their organisation to some of the issues that surround them. I have also published a more complete history of the Paralympic GamesFrom Stoke Mandeville to Stratford: A history of the summer Paralympic Games which is 372 pages long and took near nearly twelve years to research. It contains information and many images that have not been seen in print before both about the summer Games themselves and the British participation within them.

I can also be found on Twitter @Dr_Ian_Brittain


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