Got a question about Paralympic or disability sport? Ask the Anorak!

Okay, so I might be opening myself up for a whole heap of trouble here, but I thought rather than me just posting random articles with a sociological or historical focus around Paralympic or disability sport in general I thought I’d see what kind of questions people might be interested in me trying to answer or topics they might like me to write about. So if you’ve got a question you want answering or there’s a particular topic you’d like me write about – now’s your chance to ask! I’m not guaranteeing to have the answers to all questions, but I’ll give it my best shot. Some questions may take longer than others to answer depending upon the amount of research I have to do, so please be patient. If I truly don’t have the answer to your question – I’ll tell you and, if possible, try to point you in the direction of somewhere or someone where you might get it answered! You can leave your question or suggested topic in the comment box below or on the Ask the Anorak page.


8 responses to “Got a question about Paralympic or disability sport? Ask the Anorak!

  1. Hi,

    It’s a great blog and I’m glad I found it.

    One thing that maybe you could do is forge links with the Wenlock Olympic Society. Please ask them if there any records of disabled people competing in those Games after 1850.

    It would be cool if Channel 4 sent a team to cover the Wenlock Games in July.

    Best wishes,
    Simon Stiel

    • Hey Simon, I actually did my master’s thesis on the National Olympian Games that Brookes put on. I’m not aware of any references to people with disabilities having taken part, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t. Do you have a link to the Wenlock Games yourself? I dont know if the modern version of the Wenlock Games have any competitions for athletes with disabilities. I guess if they do and a historical link could be found between the early Wenlock Games and athletes with disabilities then C4 might be persuaded to take an interest.

  2. Christina Stockwell

    What I would like to know is why are Downs Syndrome athletes not included in the Paralympics
    Kindest regards
    Christina Stockwell

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