Stoke Mandeville National Games 1959

The 1959 National Stoke Mandeville Games took place on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th June1. Information regarding these Games is a little sketchy, but it is known that 217 competitors took part2 from thirteen organisations and institutions from around the UK that can currently be confirmed as having participated and which are listed below. The Games cost £299 to put on and raised £38 from the sale of programmes3 giving a net cost of £261.

British Organisations and Institutions

Chaseley Home, Eastbourne, Sussex

Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation, Derbyshire

Duchess of Gloucester House, Isleworth, Middlesex

Lyme Green Settlement, Macclesfield, Cheshire

National Spinal Injuries Unit, Stoke Mandeville

Stoke Mandeville ‘Old Boys’ living at home

Stoke Mandeville ‘Old Girls’ living at home

National Spinal Injuries Unit, Stoke Mandeville (Ladies’ Team)

Spinal Injuries Unit, Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield

Spinal Injuries Unit, Lodge Moor, Sheffield

Star and Garter Home, Richmond, Surrey

Thistle Foundation, Edinburgh, Scotland

Ministry of Health Spinal Injuries Unit, Rookwood, Cardiff, Wales

Sports: Archery          Dartchery        Javelin             Shot Putt      Snooker Swimming      Table Tennis    Wheelchair Basketball        Wheelchair Fencing

The snooker took place in the sports unit, near the swimming pool, with all the other events being hosted on the sports field. Table tennis was housed in a large marquee erected specially for the occasion4. It was claimed the holding of a separate British National Games in order to select the British team for the International Games had resulted in an increased keenness and a higher standard of competition amongst the competitors, because they all deemed it such an honour to qualify for the Great Team3. In addition, for the first time ever, a ladies section was included in the field events5.

Prize Winners


All of the archery competitions at this year’s Games were held on an individual basis with no team awards. This decision did not, apparently, meet with unanimous approval as some of the men had been grouping themselves into teams throughout the year. Part of the reason for this was the hope that the other team members might ‘cover up’ the ‘deficiencies’ of certain of their team members5!

Junior St Nicholas Round

1. Paul Waddingham (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy)    514 pts

2. Colin Embers (Stoke Mandeville)                               440 pts

St Nicholas Round

1. C. Hepple (Pinderfields)                                              556 pts

2. Marion Edwards (Stoke Mandeville)                     453 pts

St Nicholas Round Best Gold: Paul Waddingham (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy)

Ladies Columbia Round

1. S. Jones (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)                     356 pts

2. D. King (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)                      339 pts

3. J. Cook (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)                      334 pts

Mens Columbia Round

1. G. Bradley (CISWO Derbyshire)                           530 pts

2. F. Gillatt (CISWO Derbyshire)                               482 pts

3. A. Hall (Pinderfields)                                                 464 pts

4. E. Lidster (Rookwood)                                              461 pts

Columbia Round Best Gold: D. King (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)

Ladies Windsor Round

1. A. Irvine (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)                   593 pts

2. K. Comley (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)                410 pts

3. J. Riddell (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)                  274 pts

Mens Windsor Round

1. O. Clarke (Duchess of Gloucester House)           762 pts

2. J. Laird (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy)                     752 pts

3. J. Priday (Stoke Mandeville)                                    749 pts

4. J. Ross (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy)                      737 pts

Windsor Round Best Gold: A. Ardwinkle

Short Western Round

1. J. Ross (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy)                         606 pts

2. Col. Cameron (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy)           569 pts

Short Western Round Best Gold: L. Vick

Albion Round

1. O. Clarke (Duchess of Gloucester House)              685 pts

2. J. Priday (Stoke Mandeville)                                       590 pts

Albion Round Best Gold: O. Clarke (Duchess of Gloucester House)


Class A (Complete Lesions)

1. Lyme Green (G. Swindlehurst, P. Moran, W. Shiels, J. McBride, R. Foster)

2. Duchess of Gloucester House (G. Todd, Hayes, F. Kanakakis, D. Thompson, J. Hinchcliffe)

Class B (Incomplete Lesions)

1. Lyme Green (G. Swindlehurst, P. Moran, Chadwick, D. Platten, R. Foster)

2. Thistle Foundation (J. Robertson, T. Wann, Grant, Manson, T. Guthrie)


1. Duchess of Gloucester House (O. Clarke, J. Ross)

2. Stoke Mandeville (J. Priday, C. Embers)


Men’s Sabre                                                  Ladies Foil

1. R. Everson (Stoke Mandeville)       1. D. Gubbins (Duchess of Gloucester House)

2. P.O. Da Silva (Stoke Mandeville)  2. J. Riddell (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)

Putting the Shot

Men Class A

1. D. Thompson (Duchess of Gloucester House)                   19 ft 8 in

2=. B. Kamara (Duchess of Gloucester House)                      15 ft 4 in

2=. N. Kenyon (Lodge Moor)                                                         15 ft 4 in

Men Class B

1. A.J. Thompson (Stoke Mandeville)                                     24 ft 7.5 in

2. C. Hepple (Pinderfields)                                                            22 ft 9 in

Ladies Class B

1. J. Young (Duchess of Gloucester House)                           10 ft 0 in

2. J. E. Smith (Duchess of Gloucester House)                         7 ft 2 in


1. C. Keeton (Lodge Moor)

2. M. Shelton (Lodge Moor)


No results can be located at this time for the swimming competition at these Games.

Table Tennis


Class A:

1. T. Taylor (Chaseley)                       

2. M. Beck (Chaseley)

Class B:

1. D. Phillips (Rookwood)                 

2. M. Cantly (Stoke Mandeville)

Class C:

1. G. Swindlehurst (Lyme Green)     

2. D. Phillips (Rookwood)


Class A:

1. T. Taylor, M. Beck (Chaseley)                        

2. F. Cook, R. Howarth (Star & Garter)

Class B:

1. D. Phillips, Hardy (Rookwood)                      

2. C. Groves, E. Essex (Star & Garter)

Class C:

1. G. Swindlehurst, P. Moran (Lyme Green)      

2. M. Reynolds, G. Cockeram (Rookwood)

Throwing the Club

Men Class A

1. D. Thompson (Duchess of Gloucester House)                  

2. D. Pickering (Pinderfields)

Men Class B

1. C. Hepple (Pinderfields)                                                     100 ft 0.5 in

2. R. Scott (Lodge Moor)                                                           93 ft 2 in

Throwing the Javelin

Men Class A                          

1. D. Thompson (Duchess of Gloucester House)                   61 ft 9.5 in

2. B. Kamara (Duchess of Gloucester House)                        43 ft 10 in

Men Class B

1. D. Thompson (Duchess of Gloucester House)                   65 ft 0.5 in     

2. R. Scott (Lodge Moor)                                                                  63 ft 0 in

Ladies Class B

1. J. Young (Duchess of Gloucester House)                           25 ft 4 in

2. J. E. Smith (Duchess of Gloucester House)                        21 ft 9 in

Challenge Cup and Replica for Best Sportsman of the Day 

1=. O. Clarke (Duchess of Gloucester House)

1=. C. Hepple (Pinderfields)

1=. P. Moran (Lyme Green)

1=. G. Swindlehurst (Lyme Green)

Guests of Honour

The guests of honour at this year’s Games were Mr J.C.A. Faure, Chairman of the Paraplegic Sports Endowment Fund, who gave an up-date on the Fund’s progress and Mr F. Weatherhead, President of the Aylesbury Rotary Club, who presented the prizes. As usual the Games ended with a party with music provided by the R.A.E Westcott Band, who had been entertaining the competitors and spectators throughout the two days of competition5.


1. The Cord, 1959, Stoke Mandeville Calling, Vol. 11(2); p. 24-26.

2. Bucks Herald, 1959, “Paralympics” to Follow Olympics, Friday 19th June; p. 13.

3. Paraplegic Sports Endowment Fund, 1959, Fourth Annual Report and Abstract of Accounts 1958-1959 (IWAS Archives)

4. Star & Garter Magazine, 1959, 1959 British Stoke Mandeville Games, July; p.15-16.

5. Scruton, J., 1959, The National and International 1959 Stoke Mandeville Games, in The Cord, Vol. 11(3/4); p. 7-27.


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