Stoke Mandeville Games 1958: (Re)Introduction of a National Games

A number of reports state that the (re)introduction of a national Games, whilst succeeding in making the event more manageable, also helped re-capture a more intimate family feeling for the Games which even Dr Guttmann commented upon in his closing address1. The Games took place on Friday 13th & Saturday 14th June2. Over two hundred competitors took part3 representing teams from eighteen organisations and institutions4, with each hoping that their athletes would be selected for the first official British team to compete in the International Stoke Mandeville Games the following month. The Games cost £107 to put on and raised £62 from the sale of programmes5.

British Organisations and Institutions

Chaseley Home, Eastbourne, Sussex

Team from Cheltenham

Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation, Derbyshire

Duchess of Gloucester House, Isleworth, Middlesex

Spinal Injuries Unit, General Hospital, Hexham, Northumberland

Lyme Green Settlement, Macclesfield, Cheshire

National Spinal Injuries Unit, Stoke Mandeville

Stoke Mandeville ‘Old Boys’ living at home

Stoke Mandeville ‘Old Girls’ living at home

National Spinal Injuries Unit, Stoke Mandeville (Ladies’ Team)

Spinal Injuries Unit, Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield

Spinal Injuries Unit, Promenade Hospital, Southport, Lancashire

Spinal Injuries Unit, Lodge Moor, Sheffield

Star and Garter Home, Richmond, Surrey

Spinal Injuries Unit, Edenhall Hospital, Musselburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Thistle Foundation, Edinburgh, Scotland

Ministry of Health Spinal Injuries Unit, Rookwood, Cardiff, Wales

Winford Orthopaedic Hospital, Winford, Somerset.

Sports: Archery          Dartchery        Javelin             Shot Putt      Snooker Swimming      Table Tennis    Wheelchair Basketball        Wheelchair Fencing

Prize Winners


Stoke Mandeville Junior Round

Best Individual Score: Judy Cheek (Stoke Mandeville)

Second Best Individual Score: John Park (Lodge Moor)

Third Best Individual Score: Paul Waddingham (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy)

Best Gold of the Day: J. Park (Lodge Moor)

St Nicholas Round


1. F. Taylor & J. Merrills (Lodge Moor)

2. E. Lidster & O. Highes (Rookwood)

Best Gold of the Day: F. Taylor (Lodge Moor)

Columbia Round


1. V. Whitford, P. Limb, F. Gillett, C. Bradley (CISWO Derbyshire)  1693 pts

2. S. Hewitson, R. Browne, E. Batchelor, W. Shyzmanski (Hexham)   1380 pts

Best Gold of the Day: W. Freeman (Stoke Mandeville Old Boys “A”)

Ladies Colombia Round


1. R. Irvine, P. Huggins, R. Smyth, D. King (Stoke Mandeville Old Girls “A”) 1189 pts

2. A. Willis-Dixon, B. Everall, Y. French, B. Noon (Stoke Mandeville Old Girls “B”) 1098pts

Windsor Round


1. R. Martin, O. Clarke, M. Sheedy, J. Ross (Duchess of Gloucester House) 2633 pts

2. L. Vick, J. Irvine, R. Jennings, S. Nowak (Stoke Mandeville Old Boys “D”) 2559 pts

Highest Individual Score: R. Jennings (Stoke Mandeville Old Boys “D”) 778 pts

Highest Individual Score in Stoke Mandeville team: M. Sowden                706 pts

Highest Individual Score in Duchess of Gloucester team: J. Ross               752 pts

Best Gold of the Day: H. Kerr (Stoke Mandeville)

Western Round (37 competitors)

(Run as a competition for individuals)

Best Individual Score: A. Potter (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy)          689 pts

Second Best Individual Score: J. Doogan (Edenhall)                           628 pts

Third Best Individual Score: R. Harper (Lyme Green)                        618 pts

Best Gold of the Day: J. Doogan (Edenhall)


Class A (Complete Lesions)

1. Lyme Green

(Chadwick, Moran, Platten, McBride, Swindlehurst)

2. Duchess of Gloucester House

(Gibson, Thompson, Todd, Hinchcliffe, Kamara)

Class B (Incomplete Lesions)

1. Lyme Green

(Cole, Foster, McBride, Chadwick, Moran)

2. Duchess of Gloucester House

(Toman, Todd, Hinchcliffe, Maxwell, Thompson)


1. CISWO Derbyshire

(C. Bradley, V. Whitford, F. Gillett, P. Limb)

2. Stoke Mandeville Old Boys “C”

(I. Cathcart, J. Coward, N. Wilson, D. Cameron)


Individual Sabre

1. R. Everson (Stoke Mandeville)

2. G. Brooks (Stoke Mandeville)

Individual Ladies Foil

1. G. McFarlane (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)

2. J. Brockwell (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)

Putting the Shot

Class A (Lesions above T10)

1. D. Thompson (Duchess of Gloucester House)

2. B. Kamara (Duchess of Gloucester House)

Class B (Lesions below T10)

1. C. Hepple (Pinderfields)

2. R. Scott (Lodge Moor)

3. D. Thompson (Duchess of Gloucester House)


1. C. Keeton (Lodge Moor)

2. A. Poulter (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy)


Junior Girls

Backstroke: 1. Chandra Rao (Stoke Mandeville)

Polio Girls

Crawl: 1. Antoinette Newell (High Wycombe)

Breaststroke: 1. Antoinette Newell (High Wycombe)

Back stroke: 1. Dawn Randall (High Wycombe)

Junior Boys

Crawl: 1. S. Darrington (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy)

Breaststroke: 1. D. Price (Winford)

Back stroke: 1. Paul Waddingham (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy)

Senior Girls

Back stroke: 1. Daisy Flint (Cheltenham)

Ladies Complete Lesions

Class B

Breaststroke: 1. Janet Laughton (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)

Back stroke: 1. Janet Laughton (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)

Class C

Breaststroke: 1. Nancy Bolam (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)

Back stroke: 1. Anne Masson (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)

Class D

Breaststroke: 1. Monica Hatt (High Wycombe)

Back stroke: 1. Monica Hatt (High Wycombe)

Crawl: 1. Monica Hatt (High Wycombe)

Ladies Incomplete Lesions

Class A

Breaststroke: 1. Barbara Anderson (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)

Back stroke: 1. Barbara Anderson (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)

Class B

Back stroke: 1. Diana King (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)

Class C

Back stroke: 1. Susan Telfer (Stoke Mandeville)

Men Complete Lesions

Class A

Back stroke: 1. A. Miller (Stoke Mandeville)

Class B

Breaststroke: 1. W. Lawton (Southport)

Back stroke: 1. W. H. White (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy)

Crawl: 1. K. Brook (Pinderfields)

Class C

Breaststroke: 1. P. Stanton (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy)

Back stroke: 1. P. Stanton (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy)


1= P. Stanton (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy)

1= P. McCranor (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy)

Men Incomplete Lesions

Class A

Back stroke: 1. S. Miles (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy)

Class B

Back stroke: 1. A. Brindle (Cheltenham)

Class C

Back stroke: 1. A. Diamond (Stoke Mandeville)

Class D

Back stroke: 1. Ian Drury (High Wycombe)

Table Tennis


Class A

1. T. Taylor (Chaseley)                      

2. F. Cook (Star & Garter)

Class B

1. D. Phillips (Rookwood)                 

2. A. Masson (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)

Class C

1. G. Swindlehurst (Lyme Green)     

2. D. Phillips (Rookwood)


Class A

1. A. Wilson, T. Taylor (Chaseley)                      

2. F. Cook, P. Witterick (Star & Garter)

Class B

1. D. Phillips, J. Hardy (Rookwood)    

2. G. Bolton, H. Stewart (Stoke Mandeville)

Class C

1. R. Murrell, G. Swindlehurst (Lyme Green)  

2. W. Toman, J. Gibson (D. of G. House)

Throwing the Club

Class A: No Entries

Class B (Lesions below T10)

1. C. Hepple (Pinderfields)

2. R. Scott (Lodge Moor)

3. D. Thompson (Duchess of Gloucester House)

Throwing the Javelin

Class A (Lesions above T10)

1. D. Thompson (Duchess of Gloucester House)

2. B. Kamara (Duchess of Gloucester House)

3. J. Gasgoigne (Lodge Moor)

Class B (Lesions below T10)

1. D. Thompson (Duchess of Gloucester House)

2. R. Scott (Lodge Moor)

3. C. Thomas (Lodge Moor)

Guests of Honour

The highlight of the Games for many was the visit late on the Friday afternoon of HRH Prince Philip who arrived by car at 4pm accompanied by the Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire, Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, following a day of visits in Aylesbury6. He was only scheduled to stay for thirty minutes1, but so interested was he in the events that, much to the consternation of his Aides, he did not depart until 5.15pm. He took time to watch nearly all the different sports and even stopped at Ward 1X, where several acute cases were housed.

On the Saturday following completion of all the events the honour of presenting the medals and prizes was given to Thomas ‘Q’ Hill who was due to retire the following month following nearly fourteen years of service at Stoke Mandeville as Remedial Gymnast. On completion of his prize giving duties ‘Q’ was presented with a silver tea service and a cheque by Dr Guttmann in grateful thanks of his long service with both the Spinal Unit and the Games. The Games were completed by a Party held in the gym on the Saturday night for all competitors and escorts5.

Competitors Qualifying for the First Ever British Team for the 1958 International Stoke Mandeville Games.


Complete Lesions                                          

G. Swindlehurst    Lyme Green (Captain)                      

G. Todd                  Duchess of Gloucester House          

D. Platten              Lyme Green                                         

T. Moran               Lyme Green                                         

T. Wann                 Thistle Foundation                             


D. Thompson       Duchess of Gloucester House          

J. Gibson                Duchess of Gloucester House          

R. Foster                Lyme Green                                         

J. McBride             Lyme Green                                         

J. Gasgoigne          Lodge Moor                                         

Incomplete Lesions

W. Toman             Duchess of Gloucester House

F. Cole                   Lyme Green

C. Thomas            Lodge Moor

J. Chadwick          Lyme Green

T. Guthrie              Thistle Foundation


G. Grundy             Lodge Moor

R. Scott                  Lodge Moor

Frodshaw              Lodge Moor

J. Hincliffe            Duchess of Gloucester House

C. Hepple              Pinderfields


Junior Girls                                                                           

D. Flint                   Cheltenham                                         

V. Forder               Stoke Mandeville Old Girl                 

C. Rao                   Stoke Mandeville                                               

D. Randle              High Wycome                                     

Junior Boys

P. Waddingham   Stoke Mandeville Old Boy

D. Price                  Winford Orthopaedic Hospital

S. Darrington        Stoke Mandeville Old Boy

M. Goss                 Stoke Mandeville Old Boy


J. Laughton           Stoke Mandeville Old Girl                 

V. Forder               Stoke Mandeville Old Girl                 

B. Anderson          Stoke Mandeville Old Girl                 

D. King                   Stoke Mandeville Old Girl                 

S. Telfer                 Stoke Mandeville                                 

A. Masson             Stoke Mandeville Old Girl                 

M. Hatt                  High  Wycombe                                  


R. Miller                Stoke Mandeville

W. White               Stoke Mandeville Old Boy

P. Stanton             Stoke Mandeville Old Boy

S. Miles                  Stoke Mandeville Old Boy

A. Diamond          Stoke Mandeville

Diver                      Winford Orthopaedic Hospital

Laughton              Southport

L. Drummond      Stoke Mandeville

A. Brindle              Cheltenham

Brook                     Pinderfields

G. Moore               Cheltenham

P. McCranor         Stoke Mandeville Old Boy

Heyes                     Southport


Windsor Round                                             

R. Jennings            Stoke Mandeville Old Boy                               

J. Ross                    Duchess of Gloucester House          

M. Sowden            Stoke Mandeville                                               

J. Laird                   Stoke Mandeville Old Boy                               

H. Hill                    Stoke Mandeville   (1st Reserve)      

Columbia Round

C. Bradley             CISWO Derbyshire

J. Duggan              Edenhall

F. Hall                    Pinderfields

M. Periscinotti      D. of G. House  (1st Reserve)


V. Whitford                CISWO Derbyshire

C. Bradley                   CISWO Derbyshire

I. Cathcart                   Stoke Mandeville Old Boy

J. Coward                    Stoke Mandeville Old Boy

H. Kerr                        Stoke Mandeville  (1st Reserve)

Throwing the Javelin

Class A                                                           

D. Thompson       Duchess of Gloucester House          

B. Kamara            Duchess of Gloucester House          

J. Gasgoigne          Lodge Moor (1st Reserve)                  

Class B

D. Thompson       Duchess of Gloucester House

R. Scott                  Lodge Moor

C. Thomas            Lodge Moor (1st Reserve)

Throwing the Club

Class B

C. Hepple        Pinderfields

R. Scott           Lodge Moor

D. Thompson  Duchess of Gloucester House (1st Reserve)

Table Tennis


Class A                        T. Taylor (Chaseley)                  

Reserves          F. Cook (Star & Garter)                         

Class B                        D. Phillips (Rookwood)                         

Reserves          M. Parkin (Lodge Moor)            

Class C                        G. Swindlehurst (Lyme Green)     

Reserves          P. McCranor (S. M. Old Boy)    


Class A                        T. Taylor/ A. Wilson (Chaseley)

Reserves          F. Cook/ T. Witterick (Star & Garter)

Class B                        D. Phillips/ J. Hardy (Rookwood)

Reserves          G. Bolton/ H. Stewart (Stoke Mandeville)

Class C                        G. Swindlehurst/ R. Murrell (Lyme Green)

Reserves          J. Gibson/ W. Toman (D. Of G. House)


Mens Sabre                                                    

R. Everson       (Stoke Mandeville)                 

G. Brookes      (Stoke Mandeville)                 

D. Winters       (Rookwood) (Reserve)                       

Ladies Foil

G. McFarlane (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)

J. Brockwell (Stoke Mandeville Old Girl)

S. Telfer (Stoke Mandeville) (Reserve)


C. Keeton (Lodge Moor)

A. Poulter (Stoke Mandeville Old Boy) (Reserve)

Reserves were not required unless notified


1. Bucks Herald, 1958, Keen Contest by Paraplegic Athletes, Friday 20th June; p. 2.

2. Star & Garter Magazine, 1958, Stoke Mandeville Games, July; p.16-17.

3. Bucks Advertiser & Aylesbury News, 1958, 200 in National Games at Stoke Mandeville, Friday 20th June; p. 23.

4. Bucks Free Press, 1958, ‘Real Sportsmen’ Are Tribute to Doctor, Friday 20th June; p.9.

5. Paraplegic Sports Endowment Fund, 1959, Fourth Annual Report and Abstract of Accounts 1958-1959 (IWAS Archives)

6. Scruton, J., 1958, The 1958 National Stoke Mandeville Games, in The Cord, Vol. 10(3); p. 6-16.



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