For all those who keep putting ‘Margaret Gibbs’ into your search engine!

Quite a number of times now my WordPress stats have reported that the term ‘Margaret Gibbs’ has been used as a term that has referred them to my blog – because her name appears in a post about Caz Walton. Anyway as it has now happened on more than a few occasions I decided to include a post giving details of what I know about her. Margaret competed for Great Britain at a Paralympic Games on three occasions:

Tokyo 1964 in Athletics and Swimming

Tel Aviv 1968 in Athletics, Swimming and Wheelchair Basketball

Heidelberg, 1972 in Archery

She won a total of 2 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals in Archery, Pentathlon and Swimming. Her results include the following, although it is likely she took part in many more events in Tokyo in 1964. However, current available results from Tokyo only list the first five competitors in each event:

1964 Athletics Women’s Discus D 4th
1964 Swimming Women’s 50 m Breaststroke cauda equina Bronze
1968 Athletics Women’s 60 m Wheelchair C 4th
1968 Athletics Women’s Club Throw D 10th
1968 Athletics Women’s Discus D 4th
1968 Athletics Women’s Javelin D 10th
1968 Athletics Women’s Shot Put D 10th
1968 Athletics Women’s Slalom C 7th
1968 Pentathlon Women’s Pentathlon incomplete Gold^
1968 Swimming Women’s 100 m Freestyle open Bronze
1968 Swimming Women’s 3×25 m Individual Medley open Gold
1968 Swimming Women’s 3x50m Medley Relay Open Bronze*
1972 Archery Women’s FITA Round open Silver

^ Please see my previous post on Caz Walton as to why this really should have been a silver medal. At that time Pentathlon was made up of archery, athletics and swimming events.

* It should be noted that the names of the members of this team were not recorded anywhere and none of the athletes contacted have been able to confirm the correct make up of the team. The line up reported here is taken from the team that won the British trials for this event at Stoke Mandeville by a considerable margin earlier in the year.


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