Got A Paralympic History Question? Ask the Anorak!

Okay, so I might be opening myself up for a whole heap of trouble here, but I thought rather than me just posting random articles with a sociological or historical focus around the Paralympic and Stoke Mandeville Games or just disability sport in general I thought I’d see what kind of questions people might be interested in me trying to answer. I’ve spent nearly 12 years collecting quite a large archive of material (copies and originals) regarding Paralympic and disability sport history that I thought I might be able to put them to good use. They even cover the Commonwealth Paraplegic Games from 1962 – 1974.

 So if you’ve got a question you want answering or there’s a particular topic you’d like me write about – now’s your chance to ask! I’m not guaranteeing to have the answers to all questions, but I’ll give it my best shot. Some questions may take longer than others to answer depending upon the amount of digging I have to do, so please be patient. If I truly don’t have the answer to your question – I’ll tell you and, if possible, try to point you in the direction of somewhere or someone where you might get it answered! You can leave your question or suggested topic in the comment box below or on the Ask the Anorak page I’ll add after posting this.


2 responses to “Got A Paralympic History Question? Ask the Anorak!

  1. How does America compare with the British on their publicity for the paralympic games and the mindset of the people regarding these games?

    • Hi Marcia, apologies for the delay in responding, but as you can imagine things are pretty hectic at the moment with my conference coming up and the Paralympics starting soon. I’ll do my best to get back to you very soon!

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