Things just didn’t add up for Caz Walton (Nee Bryant) in Tel Aviv

I stated in my last post about Mike Kenny that there was a story connected to Tanni Grey-Thompson being the most successful British Paralympic athlete ever. That story revolves around Caz Walton (Nee Bryant) and the Women’s Incomplete Pentathlon event in Tel Aviv 1968. It appears from the official results that Caz Walton lost out on a gold medal due to some poor mathematics on the part of officials. Below is the result of the Women’s Incomplete Class Pentathlon event  with the point scores for each individual event as they appear in the official results:

Archery  60m   Shot   Javelin   50m Swim   Total

1 Gibbs, Margaret GBR                 579           480    558     396         954                2967

2 Floer, Marga       GER                 391           495    706     371          733                2696

3 Bryant, Carol      GBR                 540          975     546     426         639               2487

Adding up the individual event scores for Caz Walton shows that her total score is actually only the sum of the first four events and that it does not include the 639 points for the 50m swim. The points for the swim for the two athletes above had been added correctly as had those below with the exception of one athlete who would not have impacted on the medals even if the swim points had been added to her score. Had these points been correctly added to Caz’s score her total would have been 3126 making her the gold medal winner. Given that she won three gold medals in Tel Aviv readers might think this is not really important, especially as a British athlete won the gold anyway. However, Carol finished her career on ten Paralympic gold medals. Had she been awarded the gold medal for the pentathlon she would now sit alongside Tanni Grey-Thompson as having won the most Paralympic gold medals by a British female.


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