Call for Papers: Disability Sport: What will its legacy be?

3rd – 5th September 2018

To be held at the TechnoCentre, Coventry University (Only 1 hour from London and 15 mins from Birmingham International Airport by train)

Following on from the success of the first three disability sport conferences held in 2012, 2014 and 2016 the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University proudly present an international inter-disciplinary conference for academics and practitioners. Further details can be found at:

Final closing date for abstracts for oral presentation is Friday 27th April. We will accept abstracts for poster presentations up to 31st July 2018.

Please e-mail submission(s) to

First Keynote Speaker Already Confirmed: Shinji Nakamae – Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Director for Integration


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Call for Abstracts: Legacies and Mega Events: Fact or Fairy Tales? Conference, Coventry Uni, UK – 9 &10 Nov 2017

To mark the end of the 4-year EU funded Carnival project and the launch of a new edited book, also titled ‘Legacies and Mega Events: Fact or Fairytales?’ the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University proudly present an international inter-disciplinary conference for academics and practitioners.

The conference will focus on the issues surrounding legacies and mega events and whether they are actually realistically achievable and how they can be measured.


The conference itself will be based around four main themes:

  • Understanding the Legacy Process
  • Theoretical frameworks for researching and analysing different aspects of legacy
  • Issues around measuring different aspects of legacy
  • The impact of the wider political economy upon host city legacy plans

Presentations maybe submitted on any aspect of legacy that fits within the four broad themes listed above. Further details and abstract submission guidelines can be found at:

Two Disability Sport PhD Opportunities available from September 2016

Two disability sport PhD opportunities are available from this September (details below). Funding may be available on a competitive basis (see full adverts for details)

Invictus: The Unconquerable Human Spirit and the Impact of Competitive Sport – a Cross-National Comparison

This project will:

  • Assess the role and importance of sport, and particularly competitive sport, in the recovery journey for wounded, injured and sick military personnel and the way they are perceived by the rest of society.
  • Provide a comparative analysis of how wounded, injured and sick military personnel are viewed and treated in a variety of different nations.
  • Improve our understanding of the wider social role of sport.

Further details can be found at:

Mediatising and Marketing the ‘Disabled’ Body: Making Para-Sport Mainstream – Problems and Possibilities

This project will investigate:

  • The way the media and marketers have historically portrayed and currently portray Para-sport.
  • The impact these portrayals might have upon the way disability is perceived within wider society (by both people with disabilities and the non-disabled population).
  • The problems and possibilities faced by Para-sportsmen and women as a result of the ways they are portrayed.

Further details can be found at:

Both PhDs will be supervised by Dr Ian Brittain as Director of Studies (


PhD Opportunity starting April 2016

We have a PhD opportunity commencing in April 2016 in connection with Coventry University’s Carnival Project. The opportunity is open to UK&EU (Fees + Stipend) AND International students (Fees only) The two projects are as follows and will include extensive periods of travel for data collection in South Africa/ Brazil and/or the USA:

What’s In It For Me: Assessing the Legacy of Para-Sport Events Upon the Lived Experience of People with Disabilities in Host Locations

Dr Ian Brittain

This studentship is part of the CARNIVAL project led by Coventry University, supported by a network of university partners from Brazil, Germany, South Africa and the USA. The main aims are to: 1) examine multiple contextual understandings of the impacts of mega-events, including social, economic, cultural, political, environmental and technological impacts; 2) provide opportunities for research on cutting-edge sustainable management practices to ensure that future potential mega-event impacts are maximised.

The International Paralympic Committee claims that the Paralympic Games can have a transformative affect upon the lives of people with disabilities, as well as positively change perceptions regarding people with disabilities within the non-disabled population. However, these claims have never been properly examined or investigated. The aim of this project is to interrogate these claims by investigating the impact of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games upon the lives of people with disabilities living in Rio de Janeiro following the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, and comparing these results with a similar investigation of the impact of the smaller scale Invictus Games for injured military personnel. You will also be part of a team carrying out research at the second Invictus Games in Florida this May.

As part of working on this project you will be expected to travel for data collection for prolonged periods of time (3-6 months) to Brazil.

Further details can be found at:

Candidate specification:

• a taught Master’s degree in a relevant discipline, involving a dissertation of standard length written in English in the relevant subject area with a minimum of a merit profile: 60% overall module average and a minimum of a 60% dissertation mark
• the potential to engage in innovative research and to complete the PhD within a three-year period of study
• a minimum of English language proficiency (IELTS overall minimum score of 7.0 with a minimum of 6.5 in each component)
Specific requirements:
• knowledge and/or experience of Paralympic/disability sport and/or working with people with disabilities
• the ability to speak and read Portuguese would be an advantage but is not essential a willingness to travel to South Africa

To apply, candidates will need to produce:

• The application form
• A 2,000 words proposal detailing your research interests and suggested approach to researching this topic
• Covering letter

To Apply please follow this link:

Closing date 29th February

Call for Abstracts: Disability Sport: Why do we ‘dis’ people’s abilities? Conference

Following on from the success of the first two conferences held in 2012 and 2014, the Centre for Business in Society will be hosting an international, inter-disciplinary conference for academics and practitioners.

The conference will be held at Coventry University, UK from 27-29 June 2016

The conference will focus on the use of disability sport as a tool for peace, development and social inclusion.


Conference Themes

The conference itself will be based around four main themes:

  • Sport and health for people with disabilities
  • Paralympic Legacies
  • Disability sport for peace and development
  • Disability sport and social inclusion


Possible areas for presentations include, but are not restricted to:

  • Inclusive sports programmes and policies (recreational/school/city/national)
  • Disability Sport as a tool for peace and development in post-conflict zones
  • Sport as a tool for the rehabilitation of individuals disabled as a result of conflict
  • Disability sport and its impact upon non-disabled perceptions of disability
  • Disability sport and the Higher Education sports curriculum
  • The potential economic and social impact of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games
  • Sport as a human right for people with disabilities
  • Disability, sport and identity
  • The impact of disability discrimination in the provision of sporting opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Technology and disability sport: where does man become machine?
  • Historical issues in disability sport and the Paralympic Games
  • The Media and disability and Paralympic sport
  • The impact of sport on the health of people with disabilities
  • The elite non-disabled sporting model and disability sport: impacts, problems and possibilities
  • Marketing disability sport: problems and possibilities
  • International perspectives on disability sport
  • Disability sport and international diplomacy

There will also be opportunities for posters and suggestions for workshops.

For further information please see the website at

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Para-Sport Results

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Para-Sport Results


Men’s 100m T37

Medal      Competitor                  Country      Result
Gold         F. van der Merwe       RSA             11.65
Silver       C. du Toit                     RSA             11.89
Bronze    R. Jones                        WAL            12.04

Women’s 100m T12 Final

Medal     Competitor              Country        Result
Gold        Libby Clegg              SCO              12.20
Silver      M. Muchavo             MOZ             13.33
Bronze    L. Ishitile                 NAM             13.48

Men’s 1500m T54 Final

Medal    Competitor              Country     Result
Gold      David Weir              ENG            3.21.67
Silver    Kurt Fearnley          AUS            3.23.08
Bronze  Alexandre Dupont CAN            3.23.62

1500m Para Sport Wheelchair – Women: Final

Medal       Competitor            Country     Result
Gold          Angela Ballard      AUS            3.59.20
Silver        Diane Roy              CAN            3.59.55
Bronze     Jade Jones             ENG            4.00.19

Discus Throw Para Sport – Men: Final

Medal        Competitor                 Country             Result
Gold           Dan Greaves               ENG                  59.21
Silver         Aled Davies                 WAL                 46.83
Bronze       Richard Okigbazi      NGR                  39.38 PB

Long Jump Para Sport – Women : Final

Medal        Competitor                        Country         Result
Gold           Jodi Elkington                  AUS               4.39
Silver         Bethany Woodward         ENG              4.00
Bronze      Johanna Benson               NAM             3.82


Para-Sport 1000m Time Trial B Tandem

Position            Country            Result
1 – Gold             Scotland           1:02.096 (GR)
2 – Silver           Australia          1:02.244 (GR)
3 – Bronze         Wales               1:04.095

Para-Sport 1000m Time Trial B Tandem – Women

Position            Country           Result
1 – Gold             England           1:08.187
2 – Silver           Scotland          1:09.771
3 – Bronze        Australia          1:10.543

Para-Sport Sprint B Tandem – Men

Position            Country            Opponent      Result
1 – Gold             Scotland           AUS                2-0 – Win
2 – Silver           Australia          SCO                0-2 – Loss
3 – Bronze        Australia           WAL              2-0 – Win
4 –                     Wales                 AUS               0-2 – Loss

Para-Sport Sprint B Tandem – Women

Position            Country            Opponent      Result
1 – Gold            England             SCO                2-0 – Win
2 – Silver          Scotland            ENG               0-2 – Loss
3 – Bronze       Australia            AUS                2-0 – Win
4                        Australia            AUS                0-2 – Loss

Lawn Bowls

Para-Sport B2/B3 Mixed Pairs

Position          Country                Opponent       Result
1 – Gold           South Africa        SCO                 14-10 – Win
2 – Silver         Scotland               RSA                 10-14 – Loss
3 – Bronze       Australia              NZL                 14-11 – Win
4                       New Zealand       AUS                 11-14 – Loss

Para-Sport B6/B7/B8 Open Triples

Position          Country                Opponent       Result
1 – Gold           South Africa        NZL                 13-11 – Win
2 – Silver         New Zealand      RSA                  11-13 – Loss
3 – Bronze       England              SCO                  16-12 – Win
4                       Scotland             ENG                  12-16 – Loss


100m Breaststroke Para Sport SB9 – Women : Final

Position             Name                        Country              Result
1 – Gold             Sophie Pascoe          New Zealand     1:19.36
2 – Silver           Madeleine Scott      Australia             1:21.38
3 – Bronze        Erraid Davies           Scotland              1:21.68

100m Freestyle Para Sport S8 – Women: Final

Position            Name                                           Country      Result
1 – Gold             Maddison Elliott                       Australia     1:05.32 (WR)
2 – Silver           Stephanie Elizabeth Slater     England       1:05.73
3 – Bronze        Lakeisha Patterson                   Australia      1:08.98

100m Freestyle Para Sport S9 – Men: Final

Position            Name                              Country        Result
1 – Gold             Rowan Crothers           Australia      54.58 (WR)
2 – Silver           Matthew Cowdrey       Australia      56.33
3 – Bronze        Brenden Hall                Australia       56.85

200m Freestyle Para Sport S14 – Men : Final

Position           Name                                        Country        Result
1 – Gold            Daniel Fox                               Australia       1:57.89
2 – Silver          Thomas Barnett Hamer       England        2:00.27
3 – Bronze        Jack Robert Thomas            Wales            2:01.27

200m Individual Medley Para Sport SM10 – Women: Final

Position           Name                                  Country             Result
1 – Gold            Sophie Pascoe                  New Zealand     2:27.74
2 – Silver          Katherine Downie           Australia            2:31.98
3 – Bronze       Aurelie Rivard                  Canada               2:32.09

200m Individual Medley Para Sport SM8 – Men : Final

Position            Name                   Country           Result
1 – Gold             Oliver Hynd        England         2:22.86
2 – Silver           Jesse Aungles     Australia        2:31.25
3 – Bronze        Blake Cochrane  Australia        2:32.72


Bench Press Para Sport – Heavyweight – Men

Position            Name                                   Country      Result
1 – Gold             Abdulazeez Ibrahim         Nigeria       197.0
2 – Silver           Rajinder Rahelu                India           180.5
3 – Bronze        Jong Yee Khie                    Malaysia     178.0

Bench Press Para Sport – Heavyweight – Women

Position              Name                                                Country        Result
1 – Gold               Loveline Obiji                                 Nigeria          122.4
2 – Silver             Bose Omolayo                                Nigeria          113.4
3 – Bronze          Joyce Wambui Njuguna               Kenya            68.6

Bench Press Para Sport – Lightweight – Men

Position             Name                               Country             Result
1 – Gold              Paul Kehinde                 Nigeria              221.0
2 – Silver            Rolland Ezuruike          Nigeria              220.2
3 – Bronze         Ali Jawad                        England            209.4

Bench Press Para Sport – Lightweight – Women

Position             Name                               Country           Result
1 – Gold             Esther Oyema                 Nigeria             136.0
2 – Silver           Natalie Blake                  England           100.2
3 – Bronze        Sakina Khatun                India                 88.2

Glasgow 2014 Para-Sport Event Medal Table

Country                         Gold      Silver Bronze
Australia                            5           7           7
England                             5           4           3
Nigeria                               4           2           1
Scotland                            3            3           1
South Africa                     3            1           0
New Zealand                    2            1           0
Wales                                 0            1           3
Canada                              0            1            2
India                                  0            1            1
Mozambique                    0            1            0
Namibia                            0           0            2
Kenya                                0           0             1
Malaysia                           0           0             1
Total                                 22         22           22